Welcome to Alice in Typhoidland

Running between 2020 and 2022, Alice in Typhoidland engages with the past and present of typhoid fever and raises awareness for typhoid as a global health challenge. Co-curated by Drs Samantha Vanderslott (sociologist) and Claas Kirchhelle (historian) at the University of Oxford, it uses the biography of one of Oxford’s best-known inhabitants, Alice Liddell (Alice in Wonderland), to introduce visitors to the biology, history, and current context of typhoid.

An animated feature will trace the life of Alice and her family, which was repeatedly affected by typhoid, to explore the evolution of typhoid incidence and control since the 1850s. In addition to highlighting the dangers of contaminated water and food, the feature uses local history to showcase the dramatic change of typhoid control since the Victorian era. The feature ends by raising awareness for the current global burden of typhoid and the need for collective action. Alice in Typhoidland will be shown alongside physical exhibits in museums in Oxford (UK) and Atlanta (US). It will also travel to healthcare settings in endemic countries as digital content. The digital feature, educational materials, and interactive typhoid-themed games will be made available free of charge on this website.

Both the digital feature and physical exhibition for Alice in Typhoidland have been designed by researchers from the Oxford Martin School (OMS), Oxford Vaccine Group (OVG), and Oxford’s Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine (WUHMO). Alice in Typhoidland is funded by the New Venture Fund and has received additional sponsorship from TORCH, Thames Water, and PATH.

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